Can be used with a variety of clothes, a very practical single-piece clothing, and other styles, colors of clothing can produce a certain effect. In terms of details, complex prints, round pockets teddy lingerie detailed waist stitching leather lingerie rough burrs, jewelry underbust corset accessories, etc., will become leather corset expression of personalized pirate costume wear; from the color catwoman costume point of view, the red High waisted jeans color in warm colors Yellow teddy lingerie and orange, the green and underbust corset blue in the cool colors leather corset will be hot, and the little white dress impact is enhanced by little black dress the texture and contrast of vampire costume the fabric, plus the rich variations pirate costume the style. More fabrics like cotton, brocade and other comfortable fabrics; tailoring, fine workmanship, especially the upper body part of the cut and close fit.
Embroidery, blue printing, batik, tie dyeing catwoman costume the main processes, the fabrics are generally cotton and hemp, and the style has or has an ethnic style in the details. The current popular classic modified clothing is the main style, of course, clothing. It has a casual style. It is a semi-leisure clothing with fashionable white-collar workers. Make the wearer look gentle, closer to nature, exquisite workmanship, the focus is on creating a capable, concise, refreshing image